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I am an entrepreneur, CEO, inventer and futurist who has spent my entire life staring into the face of the impossible.  

In 1997, my family immigrated to the USA with two suitcases and a dream.

I have worked with most of the Fortune 500 as well as branches of the Armed Services and NATO.

Over the past 20 years, I have learned that it is only when we are at our outermost limits do we realize what we are truly capable of.

I'd love to share my stories with you and see if we can create meaningful new ones together...


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"In less than 15 minutes, Ari made me realize that I was trapped in the present and that my future vision was limited to what was currently available or emerging. How about that which emerges after that? 

Ari has a unique way to unlock our minds so that we may envision how that world may possibly function. Attending his workshops and speaking engagements is a truly life-changing experience that everyone should attend."

S. Gudmundsonn - Chairman


"At The Learning Forum, we have had Ari speak several times. Our audience are senior executives from F500 companies and can be a tough crowd.

Ari hits the mark every time. It doesn’t hurt that the things he share are not only very cool to learn about, but he ties it in with the disruption we are all facing.

As a speaker, Ari’s style is authentic, his content is thought provoking and his experience with similar large organizations come through. A key metric for the speakers we use is how the audience engages. With Ari, we always have to plan for more Q&A time because there’s always more to learn from him."

B. Hackett - CEO

I have had the pleasure of hearing Ari speak on a number of occasions now and he has wowed the audience each and every time.

Most recently, Ari spoke at our eCommerce team’s All Hands Meeting and the outcome and impact he had on our group was both meaningful and lasting.

Through his highly engaging content and genuine style underpinned by visible passion and expertise, Ari challenges and inspires his audiences to think differently and reconsider the realm of possibility.

From this perspective, he has truly changed the mindset of our team, a high bar for any speaker to achieve. The only question we continue to ask ourselves as it relates to Ari as a speaker is how we can get him in front of more audiences at Clorox!"

R. Gregg - Associate Director



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     Artificial Intelligence
     Virtual and Augmented Reality
     Advanced UI
     3D Printing
     Internet of Everything



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